Sprinkle Love with Ice Cream at Your Wedding!

Sprinkle Love with Ice Cream at Your Wedding!
August 24, 2023

Sprinkle Love with Ice Cream at Your Wedding!

Weddings are not only joyful occasions but also times to create memories of love and appreciation that last a lifetime in a heartfelt and meaningful way. You can never go wrong with sweet treats, especially ice cream, making this special day even more enjoyable for everyone. Here are some simple ways to incorporate ice cream at your wedding!

Adding Sweetness with Ice Cream to Your Special Day

Make it your welcome treat:

Serve a refreshing treat to your guests as they walk through the door. Present them with a variety of mouth-watering options that they find hard to resist and indulge in the sweet treat, signifying a sweet start to an eventful and joyful occasion!

Get experimental with Ice Cream Canapés:

How about we put a cool spin on the classic canapé? Petite ice cream sandwiches or mini-ice-cream cones make cute and tasty appetizers. Not only will they be adorable and delicious, but they could also be eaten in one bite.

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Set up an Ice Cream Sundae Bar:

Organize an engaging sundae bar with an ice cream van! Your guests’ eyes will light up when they see a wide selection of delicious condiments. In addition, it is a great opportunity for guests of all ages to have some laughs and get involved.

Indulge the bride and groom with individualized flavours:

How about special flavours that pay homage to the bride and groom? It is a lovely and unusual way to introduce your guests to the unique sides of your personalities. Not to mention, it will be a blast to watch the popularity of each flavour.

With a slice of the Wedding Cake:

We have got you covered if you are set on having a classic wedding cake but would like to enhance its flavour with some creamy bliss. Put a scoop of our soft serve on the wedding cake and serve it to guests. Cake and ice cream go together like heaven and earth.

Farewell treats:

Send your guests off with a sweet treat as they leave. Give away soft serve cones or cups as a tasty memento of a happy day.

Ice cream is always a welcome addition, no matter how big or small the party. Visit Mr. Aussie Whipp and get yourself Ice cream for your special day!

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